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Tutera Senior Living & Health Care owns and operates facilities and senior living properties throughout the nation. More than thirty years ago, Tutera was founded by a physician who advocated compassionate patient care, uncompromising standards and loyalty to family. Today, we continue to embody the principles established by our founder. We never lose sight of our beginnings and always remain true to our customers. In response to our customers’ changing needs and desires, Tutera Senior Living and Health Care has created a unique way of interacting with our customers that is called YOUNITE. Within the word YOUNITE, the term “You” refers to the primary motivation of our actions. The term “Unite” refers to the interaction and coming together of several factors to create a comprehensive positive outcome for our residents. Combining the terms “You” and “Unite” represents the unification of the individual and their surroundings that effect their overall well-being and sense of satisfaction.

The purpose of YOUNITE is two-fold; first, it is the intent of YOUNITE to establish the resident as an individual who is at the core of our decision-making. Second, YOUNITE intends to recognize the contributions of our staff, our families, our environment and our communities as key components to the establishment of the individuality of our residents.

The philosophy of YOUNITE centers on autonomy and choice. It requires us to redefine what is possible in terms of the provision of individualized care. YOUNITE questions historical ways in which care has been provided and challenges us to adopt innovative ways to individualize care. YOUNITE seeks to unify key components of our resident’s lives to include their family and loved ones, the staff with which they come into contact, their home, and the local community in which they live. YOUNITE is the process of bringing together each of these important Concepts to enhance the overall well-being of our residents.

View our introductory video below to learn about our Younite philosophy and more about how we are INSPIRED BY YOU.

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